Rose + Jeremy // Amsterdam Canals, Rooftops and a Cute Apartment

So happy to be able to meet these Netherland natives and spend time laughing and talking. Rose + Jeremy live right in the Red Light District (in a very cute apartment) and work with an organization that focuses on sharing Love and Truth in the city. What a crazy place to live, but their genuine hearts and their love for each other and the city are so evident. We wandered around their neighbourhood and enjoyed a beautiful day in a very cool place.


Roses, Pine Trees and a White Dress

Together we walked through the forest of northern Saskatchewan, capturing a million flowers with golden light streaming through the trees. Thank you to Ellaine for creating these beautiful floral installations in one of Canada's amazing national parks.

// Floral Designer Fairmaven Floral // Jewellery Oneiro Designs // Makeup Novo Esthetics // Model Emilee Tagseth // Dress Asos // Tapestry Deny Designs // Prince Albert National Park