Neuschwanstein Castle

I woke up at 6am on Sunday, boarded a train and rode for 5 hours to get to one of the worlds most famous castles. Neuschwanstein Castle is up on a mountain covered in evergreens and trees decorated in the most brilliant autumn shades with mysterious fog that creates the most magical atmosphere. I am constantly amazed by how beautiful creation is. What we learn each week in school can be very challenging and often causes me to feel mentally and emotionally weary. I just love how God gave us amazing places to spend with him and refresh us down to the deepest parts of our soul. I found myself in tears several times throughout the day because when surrounded by something so amazingly created and beautiful, I can't help but praise the one who lovingly blessed it to us.


We discovered the "trendier" area of the city called Gostenhauf. Scattered around GoHo there are cool places to eat, shop and hang out. I think my new favourite place to hang out is Mannheim. I had the first americano i've found in Nuremberg and also the most delicious dessert I think i've ever had. The day was spent drinking delicious coffee and hanging out with some really cool people a.k.a my roomies.

The Nuremberg Castle // Altstadt

This city is awesome. 

I didn't realize until yesterday that there is a castle with the most incredible view of the city. We got to the top just in time for the sun to set.  Wondering the streets is one of my favourite things and it seems we are always discovering new things to see.

The City // Nuremberg

The architecture here is amazing. Walking dow the streets i'm amazed by the old buildings and the vines the cover the walls. I love the combination of modern buildings and historic buildings. There are an overwhelming amount places to discover and explore. Each new corner brings a street full unique buildings.

Exploring The Forest // Fischbach

I live in an apartment above a historic pub with a rooftop hangout. I thought that was cool but then we discovered trails that lead to a forest and what I could only describe as a "magical" pond.  That obviously makes this place even more awesome. I am so grateful that I get to live here.