Roses, Pine Trees and a White Dress

Together we walked through the forest of northern Saskatchewan, capturing a million flowers with golden light streaming through the trees. Thank you to Ellaine for creating these beautiful floral installations in one of Canada's amazing national parks.

// Floral Designer Fairmaven Floral // Jewellery Oneiro Designs // Makeup Novo Esthetics // Model Emilee Tagseth // Dress Asos // Tapestry Deny Designs // Prince Albert National Park



When Emma walked over in her white dress and pastel hair I was immediately pumped for these pictures. We had a sweet time walking around the park capturing her pictures and her awesome style. So glad to have met Emma and had the chance to photograph her beautiful eyes, sweet style and sick tattoos.  

Please Move.

I just really needed pictures of Azia on the rocks. Unfortunately there was a man there fishing. So we got him to move. Do it for the photo.

Photographing Azia's family was so great and I am thankful for her adventurous attitude and willingness to get her feet a little muddy. Actually.. not a little muddy, more like a lot muddy. 

The Tree Park

The Tree Park. One of the most cliche places tot make pictures in my city. I place that I craved to conquer with originality. I love challenges. Especially ones that potentially result in beautiful images.

Thank you to my lovely model Berit for her willingness to climb trees, run through snow and have pine branches laid on her face.