Matthew + Janessa

When I first met Matthew and Janessa I was awed by their gentleness, warmth and easy going personality. When I first arrived at the wedding location I was also awed by the amazing scenic view where the ceremony took place. Defiantly a lot of awing occurred at this wedding. Matthew and Janessa's wedding was also very special to many because of the elements of faith that were incorporated. Matthew is a member of an awesome Canadian indie band called Close Talker. His guitar skills, alongside some of his bandmates and the lovely bride Janessa's talent was displayed to sing worship songs during the ceremony. The awesomeness doesn't end there. For pictures this couple decided to snap some while smooching in a canoe on the river. The wedding party loaded up the canoes, took off their shoes, rolled up their pants and we were off, floating down the river capturing some beautiful memories. Was such a pleasure photographing this wedding for two very sweet people.


Please Move.

I just really needed pictures of Azia on the rocks. Unfortunately there was a man there fishing. So we got him to move. Do it for the photo.

Photographing Azia's family was so great and I am thankful for her adventurous attitude and willingness to get her feet a little muddy. Actually.. not a little muddy, more like a lot muddy. 

Telephone Poles & Cardio

For the past month I have been driving by this field admiring the openness and striking shapes the various telephone poles and wires create. I had the shot all planed out in my head, I just needed to make it happen. Hannah is full of energy and excitement and I was so pumped to be able to make a new friend while photographing her. We bonded over our love for crepes. She was down for anything and was gracious and eager to run through some fields in order for some sweet shots and she made my dreams come trueeee. I am thankful for her willingness for a little workout as I yelled directions at her from the roof of my car. #doitforthephoto