James & Caitlin

One of the best parts of Caitlin and James wedding was hearing and witnessing how well they compliment each other. Caitlin, in school to become a doctor, and James working in Cancer research seem like a pretty perfect pair. Not only by their common interests but also by their gentleness and joy when together. It was pleasure getting to know these two better.

Venue - The Glenn at Crossmount 

Sarah + Joel

Sarah and Joel are awesome. I loved watching the teasing and joking that Joel shared with Sarah that caused her to laugh lovingly. What I really loved watching was the serious and devoted attitude they had when it came to the ceremony. When I spoke with Sarah she said the most important part to her was pictures of the ceremony. Both are Catholic and this was my first experience witnessing a mass. Communion, scripture reading and worship were expressions of their love and devotion to the God they serve. The day ended with us sneaking off for some pictures with the most beautiful sunset. Such a lovely wedding.

Jared + Brittany

32 degrees C with bright sun made for a very hot day but one that was full of so many beautiful moments for a couple of genuinely lovely people. The day I was able to spend with Brittany & Jared capturing their wedding allowed me to take a peek into the gentle and caring love they have for each other. The way Jared looked at his bride adoringly was so beautiful . I am so thankful I got to know these two, watch and photograph the testimony they portray of two people truly in love.

Derek & Camille

When I was in kindergarten, Camille was my older care partner, the one whom I was assigned to spend time with me and be the older kid I could look up too. Who knew that the 8th grader that I ran around with on the playground would end up being a sweet friend later on in life and someone whom I would be able to photograph on a very important day.

Camille is full of genuine sweetness and as I have gotten to know Derek I can see that they are a perfect match. Their wedding was full of awesome moments that made it very special. One of my favourites being when Derek and Camille rode out of the church on his dirt bike. That was pretty awesome.

Lindy + Regan // Kelowna

What an incredible blessing to go to Kelowna this summer to photograph Lindy and Regan's absolutely beautiful wedding. I spent the weekend amazed by the sights of British Columbia. This was my first time in Kelowna and everywhere I looked, ideas for photos were inspired by the beautiful vineyards, hills, trees and the Okanagan. 

The Browns and Plocktis' are families that are incredibly kind, full of generosity and whom love boldly. I was welcomed into their wedding preparation and the weekend was full of laughter and excitement.  Horses, orchards, ponds, ducks and many, many smiles were just some of the wonderful things that created an amazing wedding for two very awesome people.