First I am an observer.

Then an artist.

Then a photographer.


I wish I was able to put into words why I take photographs, why capturing a human face on camera brings me inexplainable joy. Why being able to represent, in a tangible way what conveys its beauty, and allows you to see it in an intimate way, is something that is so important to me. I wish I could tell you precisely what I'm about or the meaning behind the images I take. Why or how I find so much meaning in connecting relationally to people I photograph. The only conclusion I have been able to come to after much thought, is that I am truly and utterly in awe of who, and what surrounds us. The response that has seemed natural to me is to pick up my camera and capture it.

My name is Nicole and I have been taking pictures since I was young.

I love people, I love their eyes and their cheekbones and the way their hair falls. I love worn, creased hands and forehead wrinkles. I love smiles and frowns, and laughter and tears. I like grain and shadows. I like depth and thoughtfulness. I like creating visual art. I love how you were made and created uniquely, and if you would allow me the honour, I would love to photograph you.

Based out of Saskatoon, Canada. Travelling often.

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I think my favourite part about photographing weddings is the honour it is to be apart of a couple's eventful, exciting, carefully, but oh-so specially planned day. I love observing relationship, human connection and being invited into these intimate, joyful and really quite beautiful moments. Being in the business of capturing that in epic photographs is pretty much the best. I love to be creative with images and to reflect a connection and the moments of a wedding day in artistic images. 

 I want to capture a wedding day with photographs that are pieces of loveliness. Art that uniquely and beautifully portrays your day.

35mmm & 120mm Film available upon request.

Travelling often for shoots around the world, shoot me an email for my travel schedule and rates.

For more information, pricing and any questions you may have, let's chat.

Packages begin at $3000.00 for the 2020 season.

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2018 favorite moments (coming soon)


Ashley & Ben’s Modern LA Rooftop Wedding

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Sydney & Cole’s BC Forest Wedding  

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